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The Lavender Garden

Rita Rodelli

515 West Stokes Street

China Grove, NC, 28023

Phone:· 704-857-3220

Mobile:· 980-297-5382



“Pairidaeza”, the Persian name for an enclosed scented garden is the root word from which our Paradise is derived. It is quite likely that lavender had an important role in scenting and coloring these ancient gardens, as some of lavender’s varieties are native to Persia.

Glorious gardens stimulate sight, color and scent. Lavender takes a prominent spot in pleasing all of our senses with its sun-kissed and wind-billowed purple spikes covering fields like a chiffon coverlet.

Lavender is a most richly fragrant shrub and its swathes of color release a heady perfume in the mid-Summer breeze.

The Lavender Garden is a field of lavender in Rowan County, in central North Carolina, which includes Grappenhall Lavender known for its long stems in early summer.

Grosso Lavender, especially bred for its high oil content and rich scent is also grown, along with Hidcote Giant, another of The Lavender Garden’s plants, which is a stately lavender with tall spikes. Provence Lavender, also grown at The Lavender Garden, is filled with the romance of Southern France along with Abrialii, a darling lavender of dark purple flowers. When in bloom in mid-June, the field is awash with purple color, sweet scent, the humming of bees, and the flutter of butterflies.

The Lavender Garden offers Lavender Wands & Fresh Lavender Bouquets in season; Dried Lavender Bouquets; Lavender Buds; Lavender Mist for Linens/Room Refresher; Fun Lavender Fizzies for Bath; as well as Lotion, Balm, Soaps and other Bath & Body items. Scented Candles have been added to the line of products as well as Culinary Lavender Buds for Cooking. Victorian ladies never seemed to tire of the scent of lavender and carried along with them small Tussie Mussies as a personal perfume, sometimes tucked away in their bosoms. Another quaint Victorian item is the Lavender Paper Folds, exquisite and cleverly folded to hold dried lavender buds as a sachet.

The Lavender Garden Shop offers all of these products for sale and prompt shipping. Visit the shop using the link in the top menu.


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