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The Lavender Garden

Rita Rodelli

515 West Stokes Street

China Grove, NC, 28023

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More About Lavender

Lavender Cultivation:

The two major points to bear in mind when growing lavender are full sun and good drainage. Lavender is somewhat drought tolerant after it is established but it quite simply cannot tolerate “wet-feet”. When planting lavender consider making a mound for the plant on top of the soil. This is especially good to assist with adequate drainage when working in clay-like soils.

pix2Lavender’s natural home in the wild is the sunny alkaline slopes around the Mediterranean Sea with its light,well-drained soils.   So in most soils lime must be added to decrease the acid content of the ground. A PH factor between 6.0 and 8.00 is good for lavender. Remember to add lime, mound up the planting site for good drainage, and plant in full sun. Some bone meal can be added or a light application of a fertilizer such as 10 – 10- 10. Water the plants lightly until the new plantings are established. Afterwards, watering may not be necessary except in case of a severe drought.


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