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The Lavender Garden

Rita Rodelli

515 West Stokes Street

China Grove, NC, 28023

Phone:· 704-857-3220

Mobile:· 980-297-5382

More About Lavender

Lavender Healing & Aromatherapy:

Lavender’s dreamy fragrance has made its sweet perfume highly regarded since Ancient times. The leaves, flowers and buds possess a soft, warm scent with woodsy undertones.

The valuable therapeutic oils of lavender are extracted by a distillation process and are useful for the relaxing of mind and muscles. Thus the essential oil of lavender is a perfect bathroom oil, good for bath and massage.

The combination of compounds in lavender essential oil is so complex as to prohibit its artificial duplication. These compounds contribute to lavender’s unique qualities of healing, soothing, and mood regulation:



Helps kill bacteria and assists in the healing of burns and wounds.


Useful in relieving pain and building new skin tissue. Ketones are the ingredients responsible for sleep inducement.


Helpful in reducing inflammation, to ease swelling and muscle spasms as well as its being helpful to regulate moods and lift the spirits.



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