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Lavender Remedies

Lavender can be used for a variety of remedies.Lavender has been cherished for centuries as a wonderfully aromatic perfume.  But it has also been used as a medicinal herb as well.  Some of the uses Lavender proponents have noted through the years include a wide variety of treatments.

Lavender and Stress

In our fast-paced world there is a common notion that many of our troubles come from stress. 

Lavender has long been used to calm those with nervous tension. Lavender oil is sometimes rubbed into the temples for head pain, added to bath water for an anxiety-reducing bath, or put on a cotton ball and placed inside a pillowcase to treat insomnia. Lavender flowers are added to tea formulas for a pleasing, soothing aroma; the tea is sipped throughout the day to ease nervous tension. Many say it has a  sedating action and also relaxes muscular tension, specifically relaxing the large muscles in the back.

Lavender and the Tummy

Lavender also may alleviate stomach ailments such as gas and bloating in intestines, as many herbs high in volatile oils are reported to do.

Lavender and the Lungs

Linalool, a volatile oil in Lavender has been found to relax bronchial passages,  aiding to calm inflammatory and allergic reactions. Many  asthma, cough, and respiratory formulas include Lavender. 

As spring approaches, the earth begins to come alive.  Soon, medicinal botanicals including Lavender will offer their bounty to mankind.  What uses will you find for it this year?


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